Guiding Principles

Develop and provide curricula which anticipate the reality and needs of business .

Enhance the professional skills of the students in the field of business to prepare them for successful careers in these fields.

Contribute to the development of students as leading members of society.

Encourage pedagogical innovations by the use of latest technological advances.

Degree Programs


Bachelor's Degree Program

This online Bachelor's degree program qualifies you to get a professional degree.


Master's Degree Program

This online master's degree program allows you to get a professional degree


Doctorate Degree Program

This online Doctorate degree program allows you to get a professional degree,


Training Courses Programs

This online Professional diplomas programs allows you to get a professional degree.

Graduates of Pennsylvania International University will be able to

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Solve problems using appropriate technological tools

Formulate and developing solutions

Applying the scientific method

Effectively use information

Skills of evaluate

Analyze issues

Monitor results

Submit research

Practice persuasion

Communication skills

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Learning Methodology

The program is entirely online, the asynchronous learning format permits you to advance at your own pace, supporting your professional and personal commitments. Learning occurs through our interactive platform, giving you access to internet library for each subject. Assigned cases and research materials are well aligned with your professional background.

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